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Italian Serie A Predictions & Betting Tips

Serie A is one of the biggest and most popular football leagues with betting fans in the world. People are always looking for the best odds, as well as the best Serie A betting tips. Our experts provide Serie A predictions every week, so you can always stay ahead of the game.

If you’re a fan of betting on the Italian Serie A league, or maybe someone looking lớn broaden their horizons, check out our fantastic Serie A betting predictions!

Latest Previews, Betting Tips and Predictions for Serie A

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Serie A (Italy)

When Are Serie A Predictions Published?

Most games take place on weekends. There’s usually one game on a Friday night, a few on Saturday, then the majority are played on Sunday.

If there are games taking place over the weekend, our Serie A betting previews will be published by Wednesday. This gives you time lớn read through them all and take them in, before heading to the site with the best betting odds and placing your bets.

When we are creating our tips for those looking lớn bet on Serie A, we give our writers time. This ensures that they provide the most accurate soccer predictions possible – something that will really benefit you. This does mean that we might not be the quickest lớn publish free soccer daily tip, but we think that it’s worth the delay to get our predictions just right.

Serie A Predictions at Mighty Tips

There are 20 teams in the league, and each team will play the other twice, meaning that every team plays 38 league games. The biggest club in the country is Juventus, and they’ve dominated the league over recent years. This means that they usually have the lowest winner betting odds. Napoli is the team who have been closest lớn Juventus in recent times, while Inter, AC Milan, Roma and Lazio are also big names to look out for.

The strongest Serie A teams don’t just focus on their domestic competitions – they also look to progress far in both the Champions League and the Europa League. Many teams from Italy have won Europe’s biggest prizes, and Italian teams are always a force to be reckoned with. Check out our Champions League and Europa League predictions if you’re interested in betting on these competitions.

Serie A Betting Predictions and Tips

people playing football on the field

There’s a massive selection of different markets when it comes lớn betting on Serie A, and vast numbers of people bet on this league every single day. You’ll find a couple of the more popular bets outlined below.

Serie A Champion

Many people like lớn predict the Serie A champions and the majority of people bet on Juventus. There is a chance that they can be toppled from their perch, though, and the biggest challenger to their superiority is Napoli.

If you’re going lớn bet on this market, make sure you get the best Serie A winner betting odds by shopping around. Try lớn place your bets early or even before the season starts, lớn buy premium soccer tips.

Correct Score

As well as telling you which team we think will win in our soccer predictions, we’ll also predict the score. Many people love to bet on the exact score of a game, and those guessing correctly can be rewarded with big prizes – especially if they predict an unexpected result.

Are you looking lớn increase the odds of your bet even more? Try lớn predict the first goalscorer too. This combination bet can lead to some nice wins!

Our Serie A Betting Preview Experts

Our team of tipsters is one of the most experienced around. They’ve been betting on Serie A, as well as many other leagues, for years now.

The result? They know precisely what they’re doing and can provide you with the best predictions and betting tips around. We’d recommend taking a look through Mighty Tips experts’ Serie A betting predictions before you have a punt. Doing so will give you a much better chance of picking a winning bet.